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Effective Article Writing Techniques.

Article writing as a method for increasing website traffic is not new. Many are led to believe that one article with an affiliate link will pave the way to immediate wealth. Article writing is the best advertisement; however, you have to write a whole bunch of articles, all with unique content. Google hates duplication.

Articles written in the top ezines get the most consideration from the search engines. Many are unaware of the relationship different ezines have with Google. Google owns Blogger and YouTube (not an ezine, of course. It’s included to show the relationship.) WordPress is aligned with Scribed. Squidoo will easily align with EzineArticles and Blogger (RSS feeds). If you write articles on all of these and link them together, along with links to your site, you’ll be amazed how kindly you’ll be treated by the Big Guys.

If you Google “How to Get No. 1 Ranking on Google”, you will reach a page that has held the top position for some time. It is a “Scribd” page authored by a fellow calling himself “Guru Fodder”. He tells exactly what he did to get to that position, which involves a link from Scribd to his site, plus an embedding of the article on his site. I check occasionally. It has kept no. 1 position.

I had purchased yet another SEO e-book some time ago, where the author was explaining the advantages of mini-sites, or 6-8 page websites. He had a zillion links to article directories, which he encouraged the reader to use. The thing is, the content had to be “scrambled”, preventing duplication, necessitating rewriting the article over and over. Do you know how much work that is? It is not that easy to crank out original content day after day. You eventually run out of things to say about the matter!

Okay, so the Big 2 Secrets the title alludes to. The above illustration was such a turn-off, I didn’t pursue it. The solution presented itself through a free service (link below), which catapults your website to the top of the rankings. When you write and submit a 450+ word article, you choose 30 top blogs as the destinations. The timesaver has to do with “spinning” your words, which results in at least 30 different versions of your article! Your head would explode if you tried to do that much original writing about one subject.

It only takes a few minutes, yet is extremely effective. The time it saves is tremendous.

Within the article itself, you imbed two links back to your site, which results in 60 one-way, high quality backlinks. It works amazingly fast as well. I saw results (no. 1 position from page 3 on Google) within 72 hours. It’s crazy that something this valuable is free. It is a pleasure to tell others about it. (Well, it is an affiliate program!) More backlinks!

Once you get that exclusive high ranking, how do you keep it? 10 Yahoo Answers per day, plus steady articles and referrals to Free Traffic System. Think of it – if you join their affiliate program, and have steady referrals, eventually you will have enough backlinks to hold your position indefinitely. If the person in the No. 1 position for your niche has 600 backlinks, you can get 650 for free and kick them out!

This is not really an article writing secret, but a secret treasure map instead. Two guys have figured out how to get any website, in any niche – large or small – to the top of MSN (now Bing) within a week. They include a video on their sales page, which shows 3 or 4 of their No.1 positions. They had the URL blocked out, but the narrator said something like “you can probably find out the URL pretty easily…” I thought, “Yes, I can!”

So I went to Bing, input the same keywords, and there they were, no. 1. I needed to make sure this wasn’t one of those situations where you get the No. 1 ranking for 6 or 7 minutes. So I went to to identify the owner of the site. It was the same fellows selling the program. It also verified that they had held some of those positions for over a year. Okay, now that’s something.

Mind you, they are No. 1 for keywords like “low mortgage”, “reducing debt”, “poor credit rating”. You’d commit a felony for those keywords on Adwords. You can verify all of this for yourself. There is a link to an informative EzineArticle below. You’ll find the link to these guys at the end. Oh, you’ll want to see this.

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