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How To Write Articles – Decide Who Your Audience Is

There are some people who write for themselves. Most though write for an audience even if it is only for an audience of one. One of the crucial steps in the how to write articles process, is to decide who you are writing for.

It might be the easiest to decide that you are writing your articles for everybody. A general statement like this might seem easier than trying to decide who you are writing for. Or you might seriously think that your article will appeal to everybody.

Even the most general topic might not appeal to every person. You might think that news about celebrities would appeal to every reader. This is just not true. In fact there are a fair number of people who have no interest in knowing what celebrities get up to.

There are in fact no topics that appeal to every single person. There will always be at least a small percentage who don’t want to read about a specific topic. No matter what your topic, try and work out who your audience is.

The better you are at identifying your audience the easier it is to write your article. It is even easier if you can imagine a picture of this person who represents your audience. If you are able to do this then you can start writing your article as if you are talking to this person.

You know that whatever you write for this member of your audience will appeal. This kind of reassurance will help you to find the right words, phrases, expressions and examples. It will feel like writing a letter to a friend.

Radio announcers and TV presenters use this trick to make themselves feel more at home in front of the microphone and the TV camera. They imagine they are speaking to one person. You could use this same trick when you sit down to write your article.

A further tip to help you identify your reader is to work through the kind of demographic categories that market research people use. Consider how old your target audience may be. If it’s for small children you can imagine that your age group would fall in the two to six age category.

Teenagers have definite interests they do not share with any other group. In fact parents often wonder what those could possibly be! Young adults and people in their early twenties would be more interested in dating and careers. More older people might want to read more about travel or retirement activities.

Age is therefore an important consideration when deciding on your audience. You might add language skills, area where they are living, culture and beliefs as well as education to the mix. You might realise that identifying your target audience is not as straight forward as you originally thought.

But don’t let this keep you back though. Knowing who your target audience is, is not really an exact science even though the marketers pretend it is. It’s often guess work. Nevertheless it is a good idea to have some idea who you are writing for and is something to consider when learning How To Write Articles.

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