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Article Marketing To Increase Your Websites Search Engine Position.

The are many ways to promote your website, you can go down the route of PPC advertising, you can send email after email asking for reciprocal links but one of the easiest and cheapest (as what I’m about to show you is free) and least time consuming is article marketing. This is the process of writing a simple article on a subject that you know, and that people want to read about. The article should be informative but most importantly should include a link to your website, get it published on as many different sites as possible and not only do you get people reading your article and clicking on the link but the search engines will see the link and use them when calculating your search engine position. Even better as these are one way links they count even more that reciprocal links.

Don’t get me wrong article marketing isn’t a free ride you have to write the article, submit it to directories, ensure that each version is slightly different to prevent the search engines seeing it as duplicate content so there is work to do, but you will see the rewards for doing this a lot quicker than if you were swapping links with other related websites. One shortcut I like to take is use the website, this is a great little tool, it takes the hardwork out of submitting and rewriting articles and best of all its free.

Personally I like to write my article in word first and then copy and paste it into the free text field but the choice is yours, make sure you include Article marketing to increase your websites search engine position and Article marketing to increase your websites search engine position in your article as then system will replace these with keywords and links of your choice more about this in a moment, so once your article is written, logon to freetrafficsystem and click create article, the first thing you will notice is the boxes for Article marketing to increase your websites search engine position and Sign up here for free, this is a really neat trick, so say your article is about ringtones, in Unlimited one way links you could put ringtone and ring tone, when the first article is passed to the network it will use ringtone and the second article ring tone, this means the article still makes sense but is just that bit different everytime. The link box is exactly the same, rememeber that you want links pointing to different parts of your website not just the root , search engines again will use this to increase your rank as it shows the site is more popular. So make good use of the 2 keyword boxes and the 2 links boxes, they make your article just that bit different every time

The next box is the title box, this is the most important part of any article this is what draws in the customer, it needs to be straight to the point and sell your article. You can use the keyword1 and 2 fields in here to make sure your title is different everytime. Finally we get to the article itself, remember to include links in here as we want the search engines to raise your websites rankings and give users an option to click on something to take them to your website. Now this is where the real clever bit comes in, within your article you can “spin” it by the simple use of two tags. I cannot recommend this part highly enough. Pick a sentence that could be rewritten , so for example “all users can try this at home” . Prefix this with a {SPIN} tag and finish it with a {/SPIN} tag. When the website publishes your article it will look inside your tag for different versions of this sentence these should be separated by a | so it would read

{SPIN} all users can try this at home | all home users can try this | users can try this at home {/SPIN}

The system will then generate 3 different articles by doing this, use this on 10 different sentences and the article will have a large number of variations this will prevent the search engines from penalizing duplicate content

The freetraffic system is completely free and used well can make a big difference to your search engine rankings

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