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Combine Article Marketing With Video Marketing For Better Results.

Article Marketing is still one of the best forms of Traffic Generation available online. Posting articles creates additional backlinks for the search engines. Your articles will also create traffic directly from article directories, weblogs and sites where your articles are posted. But that does not mean there’s nothing new in the world of Article Marketing!

I’ve recently posted information about how I go about Article Marketing, and the services that I use. There are some new products though that add another dimension to your Article Marketing efforts through Video Marketing.

And no, I’m not going to use this space to pitch any of these software titles to you, as few people really need them…

The concept behind these products deserve our attention though. The idea is to create a slideshow with appropriate (or innocuous) images to play behind a voice reading your article. This in essence, turns your article into a video!

Now you can use a free service like Tube Mogul or a paid service like Traffic Geyser to upload the final video to video sharing sites like YouTube and Metacafe, as well as Social sites like MySpace and Facebook. Search Engines index sites like these almost continuously so the videos show up in just a few hours.

IMHO, the best use for these is to post a link back to the article itself at an Article Directory, as this will help you boost the article’s rank with the search engines. You post a link by putting the full url in the description box the very first thing. This will make it a live link on most video sharing sites. Remember to post your article’s keywords as tags.

You can of course upload to each of the video sharing sites individually but this takes time. The free version of Tube Mogul gives you just over 150 uploads/month so you may want to pick just a few choice video sharing sites to use it on. I generally upload to about 5 or 6 video sharing sites for each video uploaded.

All you really need to create these videos is Windows Movie Maker which is probably already on your PC anyway, and software to record your voice reading the article. I use Audacity along with a microphone I bought for about nine dollars for this. Audacity is free and quite easy to use. It makes the most sense to use the same title on your video that was used on the article.

Now my own voice isn’t exactly James Earl Jones but it does the job, and so will yours. My preference is the sound of anyone’s voice over an electronically generated one, so don’t worry about how you will sound.

The review process on most Article Directories generally takes a few days, so you have some time to get this together. After you get a few article videos under your belt, you’ll be surprised at how fast you can get it done. The important thing is to make it a part of your Article Marketing routine.

The finished article videos have several uses:

  • Blog Posts
  • Squidoo Lens Modules
  • Website Content
  • Affiliate Product Promotion
  • Direct Traffic Generation (add your sites url to the slideshow)

With a little thought you can come up with a lot more ideas yourself.

This is a very useful tactic to add to your Article Marketing arsenal. You can do it completely free yourself as well. There really isn’t any need for any software unless you are in a niche where a slicker production look is needed.

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