Article Writing

Writing Articles The Easy Way.

If you hate writing articles, but agree with me that article writing is the way to profitable Internet Marketing, then follow me as I show you an easy way to get those articles written.

By the way, this also applies to writing blog posts!

First, let’s dissect an article written specifically for Internet Marketing purposes:

  1. The typical article runs anywhere from 350 to 700 words. 700 is really pushing it, as most articles average 450-550 words.
  2. Article paragraphs are incredibly short, generally less than 6 sentences. Many times, they are only three or four sentences long.
  3. The first paragraph is an introductory paragraph. Subsequent paragraphs are the body of the articles and the last paragraph will sum up what the intro and body just said.
  4. For the purposes of article marketing to article directories, you will write a final paragraph, called a resource box, that will be appended to the end of your article and will include links to wherever you point them.

Okay, when you understand this, writing the article is one step easier to understand. Next, let’s talk about the actual writing.

Logic tells us to start at the beginning and work to the end, but this is not the fasted way to write an article. After you’ve done your research and put together a set of notes about what you want to highlight in your article, do not start with the intro paragraph. Start with the body.

Write everything you’re planning to say, rearrange it as necessary, and then write the summation or final paragraph.

THEN, after those 2 are done, re-read what you wrote and write up a suitable intro paragraph.

So, its:

  1. Write the body
  2. Write the summation
  3. Write the intro

ok, you’re done. Do a proper spell check, run your article thru a text editor, like Notepad, create an appropriate resource box with links, and start submitting.

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