Nifty Products That Solve Problems You Never Knew You Had

Necessity is the mother of all invention, they say. Get ready to meet some of those inventions.

You know all those little annoyances that trip you up on a daily basis? In the kitchen, for example, you might struggle to cut up a pineapple. Next, you might realize that your dish sponge needs replacing. Later on, you might take a shower and notice that the soap bar has disintegrated into a slimy mess in your shower caddy.

These small problems can cause major issues. Say you have a great idea for a work project during that shower; that soap scum might drive it right out of your head for good. Small inconveniences like this add up, and they can become particularly paralyzing if you’re sick, injured, or tired.

Whether you want to buy a gift for a loved one or just make your own life a little easier, take a look at these small-time lifesavers. They aim to fix the small stuff before it turns into bigger stuff.

Wear your favorite stilettos without sinking into grass or getting stuck in cracks.

If you’ve ever worn heels to a garden party or an outdoor wedding, you’ll know that it’s tough to keep your shoes from sinking deep into the turf. These nifty inventions solve that problem by adding a wide base to the heel

They’re made from clear rubber, so they’re totally invisible, and they fit on most stiletto heels. They protect your heels, too, preventing them from chipping on uneven sidewalks or cobblestones. Also, because these products increase the base of the heel, your shoes will become more stable—and thus much easier to walk in.

Replace your regular dish sponge with the power of pure silicone.

This silicone alternative to a standard dish sponge is textured so you can scrub cookware without scratching it. These “sponges” last longer than regular dish sponges, they won’t scratch non-stick cookware, and they can be cleaned easily.

Because silicone sponges don’t retain moisture, they don’t get smelly like their regular counterparts, and they’re also way more hygienic. Simply clean them every so often, then let them dry off.

An adjustable rolling pin makes sure your dough will never be too thick or too thin again.

If you make pizzas or pastries with any frequency, you know it isn’t easy to accurately estimate the thickness of your dough. Many times, we’ve tried to measure cookie dough with a ruler only to discover that the dough was inconsistently thick or thin in some places.

This adjustable rolling pin has removable thickness rings, which means you can roll dough that is just thick enough and perfectly consistent. This set also comes with a pastry mat. Happy rolling!

Hold a book open with only one hand.

Cozying up with a book and a hot cup of tea sounds great until you try to hold a big, heavy hardback open with a single hand. This handmade, wooden “personal book assistant” solves this problem once and for all.

It’s a great gift for book lovers. The PagePal allows you to hold a book wide open with only one hand. Slip it on your thumb and grasp the book at the spine. It’s a nifty tool if one hand is injured, or if you need to keep a hand free for that all-important hot chocolate.

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