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What could be more beautiful than feeling at home in your own home? As the saying goes: “My home is my fortress”. If like us you are a decoration enthusiast, you know how much fun it is to choose new furniture, find fabrics for curtains, lamps for pleasant lighting, decorative elements and practical accessories for the home. Or simply to personalize and customize your interior to the new trends or your new desires.
We often think that choosing decorative elements that we like is enough to make us feel at home, but it is also necessary to create a harmonious whole and a pleasant living space. A few furnishing tips can help you! Our tips and guides are divided according to the different subjects that are meant to be useful: cleaning, DIY, storage, well-being and gift ideas.

Some practical furnishing tips

In addition to these different topics, we would like to present you with some practical tips and tricks that we have already tested for you:
Create a comfortable corner for yourself

In addition to a sofa and a coffee table, you can also create a space with an armchair, a floor lamp and an occasional table that will serve as a reading and relaxation area or to recharge your batteries in complete tranquility. If you want to place it in the living room, the screens or shelves will be perfect as room dividers.
Use a display case as a shelf

Not only does it protect your favorite books from dust, but it also attracts attention. Once your stuff is behind glass, everything becomes even more precious. You can also sort your books by color, giving you a harmonious overview.
Place a console behind a sofa! If your sofa does not take up the central place in your room but is in a corner and against a wall, then consider placing an extra shelf behind it. You can decorate it with fancy frames, beautiful vases, magazines and also store remote controls.
Simple and effective: well-framed photos

Don’t underestimate the effect of pictures in beautiful frames! Your wall looks neat and tidy, yet remember the posters of your youth that you hung creatively on your walls. Framed photographs, paintings and other posters create an elegant atmosphere. Your interior style will also be highlighted.
Many furnishing tips encourage you to do good business but they do not match your vision of a comfortable life. It is better to trust your intuition and before buying a piece of furniture or a decorative object, think whether it corresponds to your expectations. Moreover, in this multitude of advice on interior design, don’t forget the most important thing: that you feel good. Our furnishing tips are only meant to inspire you, but in the end it is you who decides!

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