How to create an industrial style kitchen?

Red brick walls, stainless steel worktops and suspended light bulbs, the industrial kitchen has not finished surprising us. How to sublimate it? The Westwing experts reveal their most beautiful inspirations.


Which materials for an industrial kitchen?  
Which color for an industrial kitchen? 
Which decorative objects for an industrial kitchen? 

Usually open to the living room, the industrial kitchen gives off a sublime mixture of raw materials and furniture for the workers. Functional, spacious and elegant, this style of kitchen can be found in the most beautiful homes and in the most prestigious decoration magazines. Walls, floors, colors, worktop and small decoration, we give you some tips to create an industrial kitchen.
Which materials for an industrial kitchen?

To create a kitchen with an industrial style, bet everything on wood, steel and stainless steel. On a poured concrete floor, place a wooden kitchen with a stainless steel worktop or on the contrary, on an oak floor, place a concrete kitchen with a brushed stainless steel worktop.

It is essential to combine raw materials such as concrete and stainless steel with wood, in order to soften the room and make it warmer and less aseptic.

If your walls are made of red bricks or if your interior reveals sublime exposed beams, especially take advantage and use these already existing elements to sublimate your kitchen. A rough wall in the center of the room gives it a crazy charm.

If you wish to separate the kitchen area from the rest of the room or if, on the contrary, your kitchen is closed, add a glass roof. Typical of New York lofts, glass canopies offer a beautiful luminosity and bring that industrial touch that can make all the difference.

What color for an industrial kitchen?

The industrial kitchen is characterized by white and black tones. These two shades serve as a basis for creating a kitchen that reflects your personality. The goal will first be to design a functional kitchen with raw and natural materials. And then colors can be added in small touches.

To avoid falling into an austere atmosphere, it is important to decorate the room with a few touches of color. If you decide to combine the raw materials with wood or leather, you will already bring a warmer and more friendly atmosphere. If you wish to stay in an industrial decoration, you can play with shades ranging from black to white, dark grey, greige and off-white, in order to create contrasts and volumes.

To create a more colorful atmosphere, you can add elements of pastel or saturated colors. In a dark room or a room with few windows, opt for light colors such as water green or light blue, which go well with brushed metal and aluminum. In a bright room, you can add strong colors such as emerald green or burgundy.

In a wooden kitchen with a stainless steel worktop, you can add a green water shelf or a red metal sideboard. Your stools can also have touches of colors such as yellow or blue. All these elements can be found at flea markets to bring a quirky and vintage touch.
Which decorative objects for an industrial kitchen?

To create an industrial atmosphere, bet everything on industrial lamps. Bare bulbs, suspended above the island, in threes, or wrapped around plumbing pipes or copper pipes. Combine them with a minimalist clock and an industrial-style mirror. On the high wall, place wooden and iron shelves and store enamel and exposed dishes. And for seating, add steel workshop stools or wooden stools.

On the taps side, opt for copper, brass or black aluminum, materials related to industrial aesthetics. Push the concept to the limit by choosing black metal and wood or steel utensils.

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