Travelling with your dog: 7 practical tips

Travelling with your dog: 7 practical tips
No dog owner can imagine a vacation without his faithful companion. However, preparing such a trip requires commitment and time. How do you plan a vacation with a dog? Where to go with your dog? What to do when you unfortunately can’t take your pet on vacation? We have prepared a few useful tips to help you plan your vacation and travel with your dog with peace of mind! You will also find other tips and tricks for your future travels.

The beaba to travel with your dog
What to look at before going on vacation with your dog?
Vacations with your dog: before you leave
During the trip
Travelling with your dog: where to go?
What to do when your dog can't come with you?
7 tips for traveling with your dog

The beaba to travel with your dog

Before going on vacation with your favorite pet, there are a few details to consider. From the choice of accommodation to the necessary documents and accessories, all these carefully prepared elements will allow you to enjoy your vacation with your dog without stress.
What to look at before you go on vacation with your dog?
Which destination?

Take into account your dog’s needs and the climate of the country or region. For example, the heat can be very uncomfortable for dogs with long, dark fur. Don’t forget that many beaches, national parks and nature reserves unfortunately do not accept dogs.
What mode of transportation?

If you plan to take your dog on vacation by car, check how your dog reacts to long car trips earlier, for example on weekends. Also plan regular stops. If you want to fly, check that the airline accepts pets. Often, only dogs up to 8kg can travel in the cabin, while larger dogs travel in the hold. The trip can therefore be very stressful and stressful for them. For travel by boat or ferry, find out if the company accepts pets on board, as they are often only allowed on a crossing. Some dogs can also get seasick… seasick.
What kind of accommodation ?

Check if the hotel of your choice accepts dogs. If it does, make sure there are no extra charges. Many establishments that accept dogs have a number of rules and restrictions. For example, dogs are not allowed in the restaurant. Sometimes the size of the dog also counts: a hotel will accept a small yorkshire more willingly than a German shepherd. Instead, look for establishments with a fenced garden where your dog can run freely and play with other animals. Instead of a hotel, you may decide to go camping or look for private accommodation in the countryside.
When to go?

When you decide to go to the seaside, consider traveling with your dog in the spring or fall. There will certainly be fewer tourists on the beaches and the temperatures will be much more pleasant for your pet.

Vacations with your dog: before you leave

Before any long trip, consult your veterinarian. First of all, make sure your dog is up to date with his vaccinations! The rabies vaccine is essential. Depending on the destination, you may need additional vaccinations and treatments for parasites. Before going on vacation with your dog, make sure you have a valid European passport. You may also need an import permit or international health certificate depending on the country.

Departure time

In summer, it is best to leave by car early in the morning or evening to avoid the higher temperatures.


8 hours before departure, limit your pet’s food so that it is comfortable in the car. However, don’t forget to give your pet water regularly.

Chip and plate

If your dog doesn’t have a chip implanted yet, make sure you do it before the vacations. Also remember to take an ID tag with your address and phone number in case he gets lost on vacation.

Travel accessories

Don’t forget your dog’s favourite toys, a warm, soft blanket, a travel bowl, a bottle of water and treats. If your pet is not comfortable with long trips, prepare herbal sedatives.


Bring a long leash for walks and hikes with your dog. Beware, in some countries you cannot leave your dog without a leash, you may be fined.

Disposable bags

To pick up your pet’s excrement and keep the area you plan to visit clean.

First Aid Kit

It should contain tick removal devices, basic dressings and wound disinfectant.

During the trip

  • Take breaks: Make sure to stop every two hours of driving so that your dog can stretch for a short walk and relieve himself.
  • Find out where you’re going: when you arrive, check where the dog can run, whether it needs to be muzzled and leashed. Keep an eye on your pet to avoid stress around you.
  • Local animal clinics: just in case, check the contact information for 24-hour clinics near your new location.
  • Dogs and sun: If you are on vacation at the beach, consider taking a parasol to provide shade. In addition, provide a bowl of cold water to prevent dehydration. For short-haired dogs, we recommend that you use a child’s sunscreen. 

Travelling with your dog: where to go?
Favour the great outdoors

If possible, avoid large cities and prefer natural areas where it can run without disturbing other people.

For example, you can find beautiful walking routes with breathtaking landscapes for dogs. For example, in Norway (trail to Preikestolen), Italy (Dolomites), Czech Republic (Skalne Miasto) or Croatia (Plitvice Lakes).

Sports with your dog

If you are at the beach or near a lake, why not try the Cani-paddle? Paddle with your dog on the board, this activity can now be found in various resorts.

What to do when your dog can’t come with you?

It is not always possible to take your dog with you, don’t feel guilty, but find the best possible alternative so that he can live your absence serenely and in good conditions.
Dog in good hands

Ask your friends or family for help. It’s stressful enough to be separated from your faithful companion, so knowing this with your loved ones will certainly reassure you. Perhaps among your loved ones, are there other people with animals? You could make an exchange and keep your friend’s pet when he needs it too.
Hotels for dogs

If no one around you can help you, look for a dog hotel with good reviews. A few days before going on vacation with your dog, check the place out for yourself. Are there other dogs in this hotel? Are they well maintained? Feel free to talk with the staff and see if they are interested in your pet.

For short vacations, you can hire a petsitter who will take care of your pet at your home while you are away.

7 tips for traveling with your dog

  1. Organize a trip not only for yourself, but also for your pet.

2. Plan your trip well, choose the right place for a vacation with your dog.

3. Choose the best means of transportation for your pet

4. Make sure that the hotel you are going to accept dogs.

5. Take with you the necessary accessories, medication and
documents for your dog.

6. Don’t forget to bring your favourite toy and bedding.

7. If you are unable to take your dog with you, provide appropriate and qualified care.

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