Which entrance furniture to bring style and functionality?

The entrance and hallway are the calling card of your apartment: in addition to welcoming you every day, it is the place where guests make their first impression on the style of your home. So while the furniture in the entrance and corridor must meet functional needs, it must at the same time interpret a well-finished style because, you know, first impressions count! Carefully selected entrance furniture sets the tone while providing storage space for shoes, accessories (umbrellas, hats, scarves, keys, mail…). To enhance this often neglected space and furnish it to perfection, we therefore advise you to dare new combinations and play with dimensions to achieve an optimized result.


Furnishing an entryway: details to consider before getting started
Wardrobe, shoe cabinets, coat rack... zoom on the essential entrance furniture

Furnishing an entryway: details to consider before getting started

The design of an entrance or corridor does not start with the choice of furniture and decoration, but rather with detailed space planning. If you create your environment from scratch, you can create it according to your needs. If, on the other hand, the distribution of space is already defined or if you have rented an apartment, you will have to pay attention to 5 main aspects: the size of the entrance, the color of the walls, the floors, the lighting and the furniture. Consider the walls and the size of the space: in a large hallway with light walls, dark furniture stands out elegantly. However, if you have a small hallway, perhaps with a dark wood floor, you will need to opt for walls and furniture in light tones, from white to beige or in delicate pastel colors.

Wardrobe, shoe cabinets, coat rack… zoom on essential entrance furniture

This entrance furniture is among the first things seen by those who enter the apartment, whether the owner or guests: for this reason it deserves the utmost consideration, as it contributes to the first impact, to give the first impression that the house is clean and well maintained, impeccably furnished and well organized. The entrance is not only the space that leads to the other rooms of the house. It is above all a place of welcome, a place to share and a practical place. It must be pretty, but it must also be functional. This is why it is necessary to choose adapted furniture…

Practical storage furniture

Gone are the simple living room furniture and cabinets placed in the entrance hall, there is now furniture specially designed for the entrance. We think of shoe furniture, perfect for saving space in the bedroom and leaving our pairs of shoes on the doorstep while keeping a certain order. There is also “checkroom” furniture, which, as its name suggests, makes a real checkroom at the entrance. These pieces of furniture have a closet space to hang coats, storage drawers, an integrated bench to sit on and sometimes include a mirror.
Decorative and functional entrance furniture

In the hallway, the console is most often used to decorate or to fill a large empty space. It can also be used as a small reception table, since it can be used to place a nice vase, a desk drawer, a mail box, storage boxes… In the largest entrances, it is the row of tables that is preferred. Imposing, modern and very functional, they create a nice atmosphere in the entrance and allow to tidy and organize thanks to the numerous storage spaces. Order and chic are guaranteed! More and more present in interiors, the chest benches are ideal for entrances. They allow you to sit down to put on your shoes but also to store accessories and shoes with elegance. A favorite for the pretty velvet quilted models that come in various attractive colors. Finally, a classic: the chest of drawers or the entrance shelf, which is indispensable and practical for those who are looking for extra storage space.
The perfect accessories not to be forgotten

To accentuate the “entrance checkroom” effect, also opt for a large coat rack to match the rest of your decoration. They are available in gold, black or white metal, perfect for modern, industrial and design styles, but also in wood for cocooning, country chic and rustic styles. There are also standing coat racks and wall-mounted coat racks. We also think of arranging a nice stool or a nice bench to sit on. Finally, the large entrances can accommodate a large metal rod where you can hang all your coats and jackets.

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